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With the present competitive job market, one needs to stand out, and in order to do so, you must acquire relevant knowledge and certifications that can make you apply for different roles such as Scrum Master, Product Owner, Product Manager, Agile Project Manager, Program/Delivery Manager, Project Coordinator and even Business Analyst. Also, the price point has been largely discounted to make it more affordable and competitive for three certifications. Our price may not be matched by other Training providers.

Zhill Systems has a Registered Scrum Trainer endorsed by Scrum Inc and Dr Jeff Sutherland, the co-creator of scrum. We are also a member of the Partner Training Network (PTN), ICAgile Member Organization (MO). We also have a resident SAFe Remote Trainer/SAFe Program Consultant (SPC) 5.0 by Scaled Agile (SAFe). Also, we are ScrumStudy/VMEdu Authorized Training Partner (V.A.T.P), EC-Council Authorized Reseller and Council For Six Sigma Certification (CSSC) ATP and AEO.

We understand the effect of the covid-19 pandemic on people's financial resources and wanted to help professionals jump-start their careers with industry sought after knowledge and certifications with our competitive price without compromising the value.

The combo training has been designed to equip participants with the knowledge to function as a Scrum Master, Product Owner, Product Manager, Agile Project Manager, Program Manager, Delivery Lead/Manager and Business Analyst. You will learn how to deliver values on a project incrementally and iteratively, engage stakeholders, be a servant leader, elicit/analyze requirements, esitimate and write user stories, facilitate meetings/scrum events, track projects, create great technical documents, scale and also accelerate delivery. The training comes with a home work, class activities, agile games, real-life scrum and agile experience and project simulations. Some of the training perks includes a hugely discounted price point for 4 days training and three certifications, free resume review, interview prep and free refresher training within 180 days.

Our Lead Trainer is Olatunji Adedayo - Teejay. Teejay has over 15 years of professional experience as an IT Project Manager, Program Lead, IT Lecturer, Senior Scrum Master, Agile Coach & Trainer and Agile Program Manager in both mid-size and global fortune companies in the US, UK and Nigeria. Teejay as fondly called is also a Registered Scrum Trainer (RST) endorsed by Dr. Jeff Sutherland; the co-creator of scrum and Scrum Inc Founder. He is an ICAgile Authorized Instructor, Scrum Foundation Educator with Scrum Alliance, SPC 5.0/SAFe Remote Trainer and Scrumstudy/VMEdu Scrum Certified Trainer (SCT). Teejay combines, fun, experience and excellent communications to impart knowledge. His facilitation, coaching and training style has been rated 5 star by several scores of professionals.

Anyone who is interested in supporting teams, products, projects, processes and services. Anyone interested in professional career, regardless of their academic background or experience. People in IT, Engineering, Oil and Gas, Health-care, Finance, Banking, Software development, construction, manufacturing and business domains. Ultimately, you do not need to have an IT background but must be ambitious enough, willing to start a new career and also earn between 80, 000 - 200,000 USD annually.

No! This November 6th, 7th, 13th and 14th 2021 combo Virtual training is available to people in Australia, Canada, UK, Africa, Asia, US and everywhere across the globe.

Scrum Inc is one of the three major reputable and recognized global Scrum training and certifying organizations located in the United States. It was founded by Dr. Jeff Sutherland who is the inventor and co-creator of scrum. Scrum Inc offers Scrum Master (SM), Scrum Product Owner(PO), Scrum@Scale and other industry recognized certifications. Scrum Inc is known for the quality of their training contents which is based on the Scrum Guide, Agile, Lean, Patterns and most importantly delivered by Scrum Inc's Licensed Scrum Trainers. You can learn more by clicking these links: (1) (2)

Since Zhill Systems is legally incorporated in the US, we are located out of Dallas Fort worth area of Texas where we deploy both virtual and in-person services across the globe.

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