Past training

Become a Scrum Master, Product Owner and Agile Project & Delivery Manager

Combo Training, Examination and Certification in ICP-APM by ICAgile, Registered Scrum Master and Registered Product Owner by Scrum Inc.

18 Mar 2023

1:00 PM UTC-9:00 PM UTC

5 days ago

Live virtual training - Sat 18th, Sun 19th, Sat 25th and Sun 26th March 2023 (4 days)


These are some of the topics we cover in the four days. Note that we have the right to modify, add, remove, reorganize and change the topics and its contents without compromising the quality.


      What Agile is and is not

      Why organizations are adopting agile way of working

      Agile as a mindset, Agile Practices and Agility

      Agile Values and Principles (Agile Manifesto)

      Agile Use Cases

      Benefits of Agile

      Agile Success Stories

Being Agile

      Change in Traditional to Leadership Approach

      Behavioral Shift

      Fixed and Growth Mindset

Traditional Project Management vs Agile


      Project Management Phases


      OODA Loop

Starting a New Agile Project


      Persona Identification

      Stakeholder Identification

      Product Vision/Business Case Approval

      Initial Product Roadmap

      Backlog Population


      What is Kanban?

      Why Adopt Kanban?

      Benefits of Kanban

      Kanban vs Scrum

      Five Core Principles of Kanban

      Kanban Metrics


      Scrum Overview

      Scrum Alignment with Agile

      Benefits of Kanban

Empiricism (Scrum Theory)

      Transparency and Examples

      Adaptation and Examples

      Inspection and Examples

      Fact, Experience and Evidence

Scrum Values

      Focus: Examples and Implementation

      Openness: Examples and Implementation

      Respect: Examples and Implementation

      Courage: Examples and Implementation

      Commitment: Examples and Implementation

Scrum Master

      Who is a Scrum Master?

      Scrum Master Core Responsibilities

      Scrum Master vs Traditional Project Manager

      Scrum Master vs Agile Project Manager

      What the Scrum Master does Daily and Weekly

      Scrum Master as a Facilitator, Mentor, Coach and Teacher

      Scrum Master's Responsibilities to the Product Owner, Developer and Organization

Product Owner

      Who is a Product Owner?

      Attributes of a Product Owner

      Product Owner vs Product Manager

      What the Product Owner does Daily and Weekly

      What the Product Owner Owns and is Accountable for

      Product Owner Responsibilities in the Scrum Events


      Who are the Developers?

      Attributes of the Development Team

      Various Examples of the Development Team

      What the Developers Own and are Accountable for

      Developers Responsibilities in the Scrum Events

The Entire Scrum Team

      Size of a Scrum Team

      The Teams Culture

      Generalized Specialist and T-Shaped Team

      Cross Functionality

      Science Behind the Team Size

Scrum Events


      Sprint Planning

      Daily Scrum

      Sprint Review

      Sprint Retrospective

      Other Meeting: Backlog Refinement

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