Pivoting into the agile space with your transferable skills

This is 2023 and soft skills seems to be more sought after in corporate organizations all over the world. However, the search for soft skills does not imply that hard or technical skills does not count. It is very important to "take a stock" of sellable transferable skills that you have prior to getting into the job market. Similarly, getting into the job market requires well-crafted strategy that creates quick results before you get weary.

Agile is undoubtedly here to stay, and so long it remains a buzz word, mindset, way of life or keyword on the job description, scrum as the most popular agile framework will survive at least two more decades.

The question in the mind on a lot of Agile Enthusiasts is if one can get a job as a Scrum Master, Agile Project Manager Flow Master, or Product Owner, the answer is YES? The optimism here is not to mislead anyone or make them feel you do not need to be tech savvy or IT inclined before while taking agile - scrum roles for granted.

Now, let us retrace our steps back to "taking stock" of your sellable transferrable soft skills. Have you identified your soft skills set? Let me remind you that some of these soft skills may be needed in your to-be team/organization and must be called out on your resume. Just so you remember some great soft skills that are required in the agile space especially in scrum teams, I will list them here. Communication, Problem solving, Conflict resolution, Creativity, Teamwork, l These are som

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Pivoting into the agile space with your transferable skills

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